Drug and alcohol counseling

Some people can engage in substance use, have only a glass of wine with dinner or take pain relief medication only when they are in pain. For others’ their relationship with alcohol or drugs is more complex and challenging. Oftentimes, emotional distress is a contributing factor.

Problems with drug and alcohol come in many different forms. Some common forms are:

  • Being constantly distracted by thoughts or obsessions about when you can have your substance again
  • Disguising, hiding and/or lying about your substance consumption
  • Spending more and more time consuming your substance
  • Feelings of stress, shame and/or guilt about your consumption
  • Conflict and/or distress arising as a result of your consumption
  • Thought patterns, cravings and/or anxiety only alleviated by consuming the substance
  • Wanting to stop but feeling you can’t
  • Negative effects on work, social events and/or family

Overuse of a substance often results from bad habits, the desire to decrease emotional distress and/or physical pain.People, in general, have habit-forming tendencies to a certain extent. Some people, however are more susceptible to over-use or addiction. Influencing factors that increase the likely of problems with alcohol or drugs include genetic vulnerability, distress, financial means, the person’s exposure to the substance and role modelling by family or friends.

Seeking the professional assistance of a psychologist like Chantal Kayem is often necessary in order for people to break-free of their over-use, dependence or addiction to the substance.

How will counseling help?

Chantal Kayem will teach you skills so that you can take control of your substance use and reduce or end your consumption. Chantal will help you determine the cause and trigger points to your substance consumption and teach you ways to better manage them. Emotional issues contributing to the problem behavior are often explored, acknowledged and/or resolved. Addictive patterns are identified and ways to end them are discussed. Coping strategies are often also discussed as are ways to change any negative thought patterns contributing to the substance use.

Don’t allow your substance use to become a consuming part of their life. Get help from Chantal Kayem today.

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