Psychology is both a science and a profession, explaining how and why people think, feel, behave and react as well as how to change these.

A psychologist is a professional trained in the science of how people think, feel, behave and react. Essentially, psychologists are like doctors of the mind.

Psychologists use scientific research and insights into how and why people think, feel and behave in order to help them in a variety of ways. They bring their expertise so that their clients’ outcomes are improved.

Many psychologists provide counseling. In doing so, they assess their client’s concerns and life circumstances and offer support, advice and treatment to address their client’s issues and goals.

Psychologists often:

  • work directly with people to help them improve their mood or depression, anxiety, anger management, grief, stress, relationship problem, drug and alcohol abuse and other mental health or personal issues
  • work with children, adolescents and young people to help them to cope with their circumstances and learn effective ways to decrease their stress and anxiety, to improve their mood and to get more satisfaction out of their life
  • work with families with children with concerning behaviours or emotions to help parents best manage their children and to help improve the children’s emotions and behaviours

Counseling is a process whereby an individual(s) comes to meet with a trained professional to discuss their issues of concern. Chantal Kayem offers a supportive, neutral and non-judgemental environment for you to discuss your feelings, experience and situation, to gain a greater awareness and understanding of your circumstances and to learn skills to effectively deal with your situation or to achieve your goals. The result is generally a happier and more fulfilling life.

During the initial one or two sessions, Chantal Kayem’s primary focus is on listening to you, as well as asking questions in order to better understand you, your current difficulties and situation and your relevant history. This information gathered is for the purpose of planning a treatment most suitable for you. Your treatment goals are also discussed.

The number of sessions required is different for every individual. It depends upon a person’s unique circumstances. Some people resolve their difficulties in only a few sessions, while others prefer to seek the guidance of their psychologist for a longer term. On average however, most clients with require 4-6 sessions.

Counseling is for anyone experiencing a difficult situation and/or difficult emotions or wanting help to achieve their goals. Many people seek counseling when they’re faced with difficult emotions or a challenging situation or crisis. Individuals generally find that it is helpful for them to speak to a trained professional since they can provide a neutral, non-judgemental perspective, help the person to understand themselves and their situation better, teach some effective coping skills and move towards achieving their goals.

Be open and honest. We’re here to help you, not judge you. In between your appointments, think through the discussions and the suggestions that were made and work at actively implementing those strategies that you feel would benefit you. Attending the counseling session is only a small part of you improving your emotions, thoughts, behaviours and/or circumstances. It is what you do in between the sessions that will make the most significant difference.

  • Business Hours – $220.00
  • Couples or Family Counselling – $240.00
  • After Hours – $20 surcharge
  • Weekends – $30 surcharge

Chantal Kayem has been practicing as a psychologist for 20 years. During this time, she has continued to attend multiple seminars every year to ensure that her skills and knowledge are constantly up to date and improved. She limits the number of clients she sees to allow her to focus entirely on the clients she has. And she only sees the clients that she is experienced and qualified to see.

Chantal Kayem has a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping individuals with their psychological well-being and to achieve their goals and to improve how they think, feel and behave. She looks forward to helping you and/or your loved one to achieve better psychological health, to be happier, more at peace, to achieve your goals and to live a better life.