Child behaviour management & parenting skills

Raising children is the most difficult job in the world as well as the most important to do right. Children do not come with an instruction booklet. So how are parents to know how to handle of the many different difficulties that come along with having children?

Chantal Kayem is a parenting expert. Chantal Kayem has published two parenting books, The Happy Toddler and Help! I’ve Created a Brat! as well as over 50 parenting articles and answers to parenting questions on an expert panel so she is extremely well qualified to help you with your parenting skills regardless of the difficulties you are experiencing.

It can often be difficult and stressful to raise children. And although rearing children is often full of exciting, exhilarating and fun moments, along with those wonderful moments come frustrating, exasperating and very difficult ones too. Some children are particularly challenging and parents need to be on top of their game to know how to manage their difficult behaviours.

Chantal Kayem believes that everyone has the resources to be great parents which can be accessed through learning and practice. Chantal Kayem helps parents to understand their children’s behaviours, motivations and feelings and what will and won’t work in order to increase your child’s desirable behaviours and decrease their undesirable ones. Chantal Kayem also focuses on teaching parents effective discipline and communication skills.

Chantal Kayem teaches parents skills to better manage their children’s difficult behaviours in order to create a more peaceful family environment as well as better behaved, more adjusted and more responsible children. The result is a happier and more cohesive family and family environment.

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