CoachingWhat is coaching?

Coaching provides individuals with the support and tools they need to improve their lives and reach meaningful goals. It empowers individuals so that they may realise their potential and goals and/or so they may improve their relationships.

Chantal Kayem’s approach is to help people to understand what they want, why they want it, and then assist them in creating and following through on action plans to close the gap from where they are to where they want to be. Chantal Kayem coaches people to transform their lives and she believes in everyone’s ability to choose and to control their destiny.

Chantal Kayem is a skilled professional and a mentor who will guide you towards achieving the goals that are most important to you and living the best life you can possibly live.

See below for the different types of coaching that psychologist Chantal Kayem offers.

Different types of Coaching:

Life or Personal Coaching helps people to move from where their life is now towards the life they really want to live.

Life or Personal Coaching can help you to:

  • Get clarity on finding or accomplishing your goals.
  • Learn strategies to overcome your limitations or obstacles and reach your goals and/or to improve your relationships.
  • Set goals according to your beliefs, values and what’s important to you
  • Achieve what you want.
  • Experience more of a sense of meaning, fulfillment and joy in your life.

Whether you are seeking a greater purpose in life, having questions about your future career or relationships, seeking personal growth or wanting to generally feel better, Life or Personal Coaching with Chantal Kayem is for you.

It is not always that simple to create the family environment most families want. As a Family Coach, Chantal Kayem will focus on the particular needs and goals of your family as well as helping to build a more solid, united and interconnected environment for your family.

All families can have difficulties that they find problematic to work through. Chantal Kayem will help you and your family to establish the groundwork so that you will be able to better manage the inevitable difficulties or breakdowns that will occur.

Chantal Kayem will help you achieve family cohesion by focusing on your individual family goals and/or the following goals for your family:

  • Effective communication
  • Improved conflict resolution
  • Improved respect
  • Improved understanding and tolerance of individuality of family members
  • Improved connectedness among the family members
  • Improved understanding of each member and how they relate to family members
  • Decreased use of destructive behaviours among members
  • Improved thinking patters that are unhelpful in family cohesion

Chantal Kayem is an experienced child psychologist and parenting expert as well as the mother of three children, Robert, 22 years, Jacqueline, 18 years old, and Vanessa, 14 years. Chantal has published over fifty parenting magazine articles and answers to parenting questions on an expert panel in both Australia and New Zealand. Chantal is also the author of the book The Happy Toddler, which has been published in five countries and translated into two languages as well as her most recent book Help! I’ve Created a Brat!

Before you had children, what were the dreams you had about your family environment? Is your home environment vastly different from what you had envisaged? Being a parent is clearly not always easy. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on earth and doing it right is one of the most important goals you will have. Chantal Kayem’s goals as a Parent Coach is to help you to be the parent you want to be and to have the family environment that you envisaged. Chantal Kayem will focus on your particular needs and goals as well as helping to develop skills that will:

  • give you confidence in yourself as parent
  • help to achieve less conflict in your home
  • help you through the difficult stages of your child’s development (e.g. the “terrible twos”, adolescence)
  • teach you evidence-based effective skills that help children to be happier, more compliant and more respectful
  • discuss all your and your children’s challenges and issues and guide you in how to manage them in a helpful way
  • help you to manage your child(ren)’s difficult emotions
  • help you move towards being the best parent that you can be
  • help you break patterns from the past

As a Parent Coach, Chantal Kayem will guide you and support you through your parenting challenges in a way that will help you to be a calmer, less stressed, more effective parent and help your family to be happier and to have more connected and stronger relationships.

At the end of the day, what matters more to you than creating the best home environment and relationships with your children?

A peaceful home is possible. Make it happen for your family by consulting with Parenting Coach and Parenting Expert Chantal Kayem.

The goal of Relationship Coaching is to guide and help you learn ways to improve your relationships. Many people are wanting to improve their relationship with their closest loved ones such as their spouse, partner, adult children or younger children. Others want to improve their relationships with their friends, colleagues or acquaintances. Chantal Kayem can help improve every type of relationship.

Relationships have a significant impact on us and when our relationships are not as satisfying, harmonious or happy as we would like them to be, it can have a big impact on us and how we feel. Relationship coaching with Chantal Kayem can help you to understand your current situation better, understand yourself better, to think more clearly and to behave more effectively in terms of the best way to manage yourself, others and/or your situation.

Chantal Kayem’s focus in her Relationship Coaching is to help her clients to achieve whatever personal and/or relationship goals they may have.

How can Chantal help coach me?

Through her Coaching skills, Chantal Kayem will help you to understand why you are where you are today and what you need to do to change your situation for the better. Chantal Kayem will help you to learn how your emotions, beliefs and obstacles are driving you and how your thoughts are limiting you. Chantal will then teach you the tools to improve your thoughts and emotions, to set and work towards meaningful goals and to achieve a more fulfilling life. Her job is to teach, guide, coach and facilitate your self-reflection, planning and executing of changes or goals and decision making for the future.

Why choose Chantal to be my coach?

First, no certification is required for someone to practice as a coach. So essentially, anyone can call themselves a coach regardless of their training or credentials. Chantal Kayem, on the other hand, is a psychologist as well as a trained coach. She has had extensive training in the area of psychology and helping people to change and improve themselves and their lives. Chantal Kayem has completed all of the accreditation necessary to become a qualified psychologist as well as the training to become a professional coach. With her excellent and extensive knowledge base and experience, she has a great understanding of people as well as what changes they need to make create meaningful changes.

Second, Chantal Kayem has been trained as a professional coach by the Robbins-Madanes Training and Tony Robbins is the most successful and prominent coaches in the world. Consequently, his training is one of the most thorough, effective and successful coach training there is.

For these reasons, Chantal is one of the most qualified coaches you are likely to come across. Through her coaching sessions, Chantal Kayem’s mission is to provide tools that empowers people to break through their limitations and reach their goals.