Relationship counseling – individual

Relationship concerns

Relationships of all types are not always easy, be it of romantic partners, friendships, family or work colleagues. Every relationship in life can have its unique challenges. And all relationships can have their ups and downs – including those of spouses or partners and parents and children. Everyone wants to feel connected and supported in their relationship and, when this is not occurring, the result can be feelings of disappointment, sadness, loneliness, frustration and / or anger.

Chantal Kayem can help you to improve your relationship, if this is your goal. If your goal is to work out whether to continue being in a relationship, she can help you with that too. Or if your goal is to end your relationship, Chantal Kayem will help you through this.

Improving Your Relationships

Chantal Kayem can help you to improve your relationship with your loved one by teaching you better ways to communicate, think, behave and/or manage your difficulties. You will also learn to identify unhelpful behaviours and how to improve them.

Chantal Kayem, with her expertise, understanding, empathy, support and expert skills, will teach you new skills to improve your relationship, leading to a more conflict-free, positive and fulfilling relationship with your loved one.

Speak openly and privately and find a safe place to reflect on and have a better understanding of your relationships.

Chantal Kayem can also provide couples counseling. Please see the Couples Counseling page for more information.

Begin the process of improving your relationship. Book an appointment for a session with Chantal Kayem today.