Relationship counseling – couples

The great majority of relationships will face challenges at one time or another. And whether or not a couple will make it through those challenges greatly depends on how those difficult times are dealt with. Good, loving long-term relationships simply don’t happen on their own. They require effort and the application of important skills such as good listening and communication skills, understanding each other’s differences, showing appreciation and loving to one another.

It is easy to understand why it is normal for intimate couples in a committed relationship to face difficulties in their relationships at one time or another. This is because all couples have differences in views, ideas, values, beliefs and behaviours and, if not deal with adequately, these can lead to increased arguments, misunderstandings, resentments and distances from one another. Often, the discontent and problems that result cannot be resolved on their own. That is when professional help with a skilled couple counseling psychologist like Chantal Kayem can be of great value.

Chantal Kayem understands the changes required and the skills and tools needed to improve relationships and she will therefore give a you a much better chance at resolving your differences and becoming the loving and happy couple that you once were.

Is your relationship unhealthy?

Here are some signs that your relationship may be unhealthy:

  • You have and/or your partner has been feeling unhappy in your relationship for some time
  • Arguments are occurring frequently or are often not resolved
  • Your and/or your partner’s needs and concerns are not being considered
  • There is an emotional distance between you that was not there before
  • Expressions of love or appreciation have significantly diminished by one or both parties
  • Feelings of resentment by one or both parties are quite strong
  • Criticisms are often expressed
  • There is the presence of, or thoughts of, an affair

How can counseling help?

It can be most beneficial for the two parties of the relationship to come together and speak honestly about the current difficulties they are experiencing with the presence of a neutral, objective and skilled psychologist like Chantal Kayem . Knowledge and understanding is often gained on one another’s needs, feelings, expectations, beliefs and reasons for certain behaviours. A more compassionate understanding of each other is often the result.

Chantal Kayem is not there to make judgements on who is right or who is wrong nor to change one of the party’s view on whether to continue with the relationship. Rather, she is there to help you to understand each other better, for you to try and fulfill each other’s needs more fully as well as to provide you with strategies that increase the chances that you with built a loving, respectful, trusting and successful relationship.

Some relationships are only in need of a few small changes and strategies to be happy and loving again. Others require a great deal more work. Certain relationships are unfortunately beyond repair because, for instance, either one of the parties has decided they no longer want the relationship, one of the parties is not willing to do the work necessary to repair it, there is no possible resolutions between the differences or the relationship problems are too far gone for it to be repairable. Regardless of what situation your relationship is in, Chantal Kayem can help you and your partner to reach the best possible scenario under whatever circumstances you present with. Even in cases where a relationship cannot be repaired, she can help the two of you to reach agreements with regards to important matters such as parental responsibilities and settling financial matters.

The quality of your relationship has a huge impact on your happiness and wellbeing. Hence why it makes sense to get professional help from Chantal Kayem to try and make it the happiest and most successful relationship it can be. And remember, the earlier that professional help is sought when a couple is facing problems, the better the chances are of repairing the relationship. Don’t wait too long.

Chantal Kayem is experienced with working with different sex as well as same sex couples.

What you can expect

By the end of the first assessment session and based on what you and your partner have expressed, Chantal Kayem will come up with a summary of individual and conjoint goals for therapy to be working on. Most couples will only require 3 or 4 sessions for significant positive changes to occur.

Make the move towards improving your relationship. Book an appointment for a session with Chantal Kayem today.