Grief and loss

Grief is a normal and natural emotion to experience following a significant loss. Significant losses can include the death of a loved one, a serious illness or the loss of a job, relationship, residence or valued possession. Common emotions people experience are shock, disbelief, extreme sadness, anxiety, loneliness, confusion, anger and/or guilt. For some people their health is affected. For others, grief affects their ability to maintain their day-to-day routine and/or their work, relationships or home life.

Everyone experiences grief differently. There are typical stages of grief including denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. These stages of grief can occur individually or concurrently. They can also occur for different periods of time. The length and intensity of the grief is also individual. Grief can often have a distressing effect on the person grieving.

Can counseling help?

Yes. Having a private place for you to freely express your experience and emotions in a safe, empathetic, understanding and non-judgemental environment can make an immense difference. For diverse reasons, it’s often difficult for people to have such conversations with close friends or even relatives. Speaking to Chantal Kayem will also help you to better understand your feelings and experience and to learn strategies to help you to heal, move forward and feel better again.

Losing someone or something dear to us can affect all areas of our lives and can lead to functioning at a less than optimal level. Chantal Kayem can help you to understand your grief, accept the loss, manage through your painful feelings and provide the support and guidance that you need through your difficult time.

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