Anger management

Anger is an entirely normal and healthy emotion that everyone experiences at times when they feel a negative emotion such as frustration, saddness, hurtfulness, disappointment, fear or that somehting is ‘unfair’. Some people have no difficulties managing their anger while for others, doing so is a struggle. Managing one’s response to anger, however, is a skill that can be learned. Learning to manage your anger will help you to have better control of your emotions and on how situations or people will affect you. You will be a better master of your emotions.

There are many factors that affect the level of anger we feel and how we express it. These factors include our genetic make-up, how we learned to express anger while growing up as well as our stress levels. Many adults have difficulties managing their frustration and anger and often create upsetting emotions to loved ones in the process.

Chantal Kayem helps clients better understand and manage their anger, identify triggers when angry feelings are mounting and develop an action plan for managing these. Clients learn effective strategies to cope with stress and difficult situations and emotions. Clients also learn ways to express anger assertively rather than aggressively.

With her expertise, understanding, empathy, support and expert skills, Chantal teaches adults new skills to manage their frustration and anger and express these constructively, leading to a more conflict-free, positive and fulfilling relationship with their loved ones.

Anger can be manageable when you have the right tools.

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